Friday, December 12, 2014

8 Things to Know Before Engaging in an Office Romance

Before you do anything in terms of asking that hot girl or guy in your department out its pretty important for you to know several things about your company. Same thing goes for you ladies that want to ask that hunk over in sales out as well. Remember your job, career and reputation can all be severely in jeopardy just from engaging in a “simple” office romance.
1) Be sure to know what are your companies policy toward office flings and romances word for word. Some companies purposely write this policy to be vague.  When the time comes to reprimand someone for such acts they have more leeway. In some cases companies that find out about an office romance can move to fire one or both employees or they can transfer one or both employees.  So unless you’re willing to accept these potential consequences, you might want to think twice about your office fling. Remember, when in doubt, don’t.

2) It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new relationship. But make sure to keep that out of the office. While you are at work you are on company time. For this reason you should make sure to refrain from touching, kissing, or any other kinds of public displays of affection. This is especially important when you work in the same department. You’ll be thankful you’ve maintained your professionalism in the long run.

3) If you are engaging in an office romance it’s safe to assume that everyone in the office most likely knows. But, that doesn’t mean can you flaunt it and make a big deal of it. The more discreet you remain about your romance the more likely you will say out of the gossip circles. Believe me that’s the last place you want to be. Plus, lot of people really don’t like the office romance shenanigans. So even though their opinion doesn’t really matter to you, it can potentially count down the line. Be aware that most gossips never want to be confused with the facts.

4) Probably the number one thing to remember and do if you choose to engage in an office romance is to Let your Boss know. Do NOT just leave it for them find out through the grapevine or some random gossip session. Do the mature thing and let your superiors know so they can handle things appropriately on their end as well. This will not only solidify their respect for you, but it will also build a trusting relationship. But don’t forget the company policies.  Your boss may not have a choice in the matter and may have to enforce company policy.

5) Think ahead. What do you plan to do if your relationship doesn’t work out? By engaging in an office romance you could be potentially changing or sacrificing a lot of things you’ve planned for in terms of your career. This isn’t a decision you make lightly. If you aren’t willing to potentially make serious changes, then do not enter into this kind of relationship.

6) Be respectful to one another as well as to your co-workers. They don’t want to get caught up in your relationship, drama, subterfuge. Give people space to come to terms with your relationship status and how it affects them in the work place. You might think it’s nothing, but for them it could be very uncomfortable. Be mindful of the feelings of others.

7) Don’t mix your romance with a business trip. Keeping it professional means just that. Going on a business trip together could put you in a situation where you risk crossing the line between business and romance.

8) This is probably the most important: NO means NO. This is true whether you’re a man or woman. If the other person says no leave it at no. Be respectful of their choice to not engage in a romance with you. In this situation pushing the envelope is not only unprofessional, but creepy and potentially grounds for reprimand.

Here’s the bottom line.  Avoiding workplace romance is one way to dodge the many potential problems, pitfalls, and land mines to your career.

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