Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Online Banking Security

Online banking is something that many of us rely on to track and maintain our finances and budgets. Although most banking and financial institutions have their own online security measures in place, it is important for you to have your own measures in place as well. It’s important to remember not to leave your computer open and accessible when you are logged into an online banking session. This makes your account information, available to everyone within sight of the computer screen.

Also, view your information in private. This is important because if someone can see over your shoulder to your computer screen then they can see your bank information. Another thing to remember is to not surf the internet when you are logged into a banking session. This is imperative. Most people do not understand that if you get a malware attack on your computer, through another webpage that your bank information will be open, accessible, and available for the malware, too. This is especially dangerous because with malware you often get flooded with ads and such as a way for you to not be able to stop the attack. So if you are logged into a banking session, or an online session with your credit card company or any other website that contains sensitive information about you, it is best to not open any other web pages until you have completed your banking/financial review session.  

Finally the number one way to protect your online banking information is to monitor your accounts daily. Create a pdf printout of each days transactions that way if something shows up on your account you can dispute it, or have more definitive information in terms of when the transaction hit your account. This is also beneficial for documenting when you received deposits, charges and withdrawals. When you do see unauthorized purchases or activity on your card it is important to report it as soon as possible to your financial institution.

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